6 comments on “Intermittent Fasting

      • So in a sense you are double intermittent fasting. During the day and at night. Maybe you can start a trend and sell your idea! Haha cool man interested to see how it goes for ya!

  1. Hello Jon! How’s everything going?

    I’ve been a little away from your blog, and from bodybuilding too. Sry Jon, I suck. I wasn’t rly chasing the top…

  2. Love intermittent fasting. It really makes you realize when your body is ACTUALLY hungry and when you just want to eat for the sake of eating. Made it so much easier to travel or work and not be afraid about skipping a meal if I was super busy or there wasn’t a healthy option around!

    • Yeah it really is great. Especially for the reasons you listed. My version of it is very very dialed down but I may crank it up to a more elaborate 16 or 14 hour fast. All ideas in my crazy mind lol

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