6 comments on “24 Weeks In The Books!

  1. You’re a monster dude. I have to be honest, when you told me about the contest I kinda thought to myself that you were already in such great shape that how big of a difference could you really make. Damn, what a fool I was for thinking that! AMAZING progress, outworking the competition! I mean I knew you’d improve no doubt about it, but wow this blew me away!

    • THANK YOU! Your words are far to kind Colin!! I really appreciate it. Yeah back in January when those Before photos were taken I wasn’t doing much conditioning work or dieting too hard. These past 24 weeks dieting and cardio day after day got so tiring but when you finally see the final product and the before and after photos, it made it all worth it. I was so pumped. I actually never saw the before photos till the last day of the comp. Definitely a nice feeling. Certainly makes me hungry to keep pushing myself though! Thanks again for the compliments, gotta keep CHASING THE TOP!

      • Hard work and dedication pays off! Looks like you somehow even gained great size too which is pretty incredible. Or do you think you just shredded the fat to uncover what was already there? Did you take measurements?

      • Unfortunately i didnt take any measurements. I should have though that would have been a good idea. In terms of the fat and shredding to size or creating new size, its hard to tell lol. I think alot had to do with the diet macros. I went pretty high carb which allowed me to really maintain performance while cutting weight. That and 5/3/1 progressing i believe really aided me. I going to try and maintain the current diet i used and maybe just increase calories just a little and maintain.

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