2 comments on “Oat Less!

  1. I’m trying Paleo-ish. Not eating many grains, no dairy, and trying less/no sugar. Although I did have a Dairy Quuen Buster Bar treat tonight…my sister brought them over…I couldn’t say no! Ate it after a chicken breast which I ate just as I got home from a killer CrossFit WOD. I need to figure out this whole diet/nutrient thing since some days I feel very run down and tired. Better since I started the paleo thing….feel like I’m eating a ton, but feel like I’m slimming out??? Still pretty tired tho. I need more sleep!!!

    • Yeah i know with paleo you can eat a ton because everything is very rich in nutrients and low in calories such as chicken and veggies. Eating paleo will certainly help you lean out and its extremely easy to be digested by the body. So many positives to paleo! Idk i may have to make the switch!

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