5 comments on “CHANGE UP!

  1. Good stuff man, I think we’ve all been there too! The carb source at night especially had me, but man did I ever learn better than that. It was actually researching my carb-backloading series that really taught me a lot about that. Turns out insulin sensitivity is actually at it’s LOWEST point in the evening! Love Layne Norton’s VLOG’s too, love it them!

    Bottom line, everyone needs to find what works for THEM and not anyone else. Everybody and every body is different! Great read Jon!

  2. I love Layne Norton’s research and we’ve definitely all been there. From a woman’s perspective it’s different issues like just not eating enough or cutting out salt completely. Thankfully there are enough people putting out material like this to snap those that need it out of those phases.

    • Yeah Layne’s the man! I love how he backs everything with factual science rather then just personal claims. I am actually following his cutting diet found on simplyshredded.com currently. So crazy, I have never consumed so many carbs before (while cutting) and I have never been so lean LOL. I think he know’s his stuff LOL!

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