7 comments on “What A Weekend!

  1. Sounds like a great weekend and good job in both TM and in the dead lifting competition. You should be happy.

    I did TM with some friends a year ago this month at Whistler’s Olympic Park. It was fun but the course wasn’t as challenging as the ones that are done in the US. We didn’t have fire and electric shocks like they do in the US. A bit disappointing but overall we were happy we did it. Our team name was ‘That’s What She Said’. 🙂 I would do another one but only in the US. Maybe one day in Seattle.

  2. Awesome Jon! Great description I felt like I was right there with you (kinda glad I wasn’t haha.) The fact that you pulled all that wait the day after that run is mind boggling. The run itself seems to me like it would be more challenging than a marathon. I KNOW I couldn’t do one in the condition I’m in now! Way to go! Sounds like an amazing weekend, and I hope you are resting and recovering from that!!! Chasing the top baby!

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