7 comments on “Monday Morning Drive

  1. You are indeed Chasing The Top baby! I love your drive and your planning. We all know you’re going to reach every one of those goals!

    So what’s the 1000 pound club? A combined weight of 1 rep maxes of deads, squats and bench? All back to back to back?

    • Thanks man! I appreciate the support and its mentalities like that that will DRIVE me through my goals!

      You got the 1000 LB club right except it is not back to back to back it is just 1RM in general. That would be sick though doing it back to back to back haha

      • Ah well I was thinking it would have to be back to back to back or otherwise I’d be in it! 🙂 I need to figure out my max deadlift without straps, maybe next week!

        You don’t need our support to drive you through your goals you have that mentality all on your own bud!

      • I appreciate it Colin. That’s what I’m saying man your definitely preaching the Chasing The Top lifestyle and I love it. Thank you for the kind words!

        Try the back to back to back 1RM, that would be sick! Your max numbers are going to be NUTS so I’m sure you are in the 1000 lb club already. Didn’t you say you could squat 500?

      • Using the 1 rep calculator it says I’d be about 500 but I doubt that’s true. I’ve never truly maxed out a squat before. For sure in the 400’s though. Haven’t been benching heavy in a long time so I’m not sure where that’s at anymore, was at 315. Probably high 200’s or maybe 300 on a good day now.

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