10 comments on “Success!

    • Thanks man! Much appreciated! Just keep working hard at them and you’ll have them in no time. If your gym has bands use those to aid you in pulling your bodyweight to the bar

  1. Nicely done, Jon! Look at those huge arms, just omfg. Keep hustling! Also, your cousing is doing a great job too! He got a nice inspirational bro near him!

  2. Everything going very well here! Today I got some confidence boost, some friends supporting me a lot and I’m really happy! Plus, a dude that I’m training here told me that I made him grow a lot more than his previous personal trainer! I’m really really really (x 10000) happy and inspired! CHASING THE TOP!!!! And please, tell me your cousin’s reaction 😀

    • That’s awesome man! I’m proud of you and you are 100 % living the Chasing The Top Lifestyle! Keep getting after it buddy. Sky is the limit and potential is endless!

      My cousin was thrilled haha. He said he feels bigger already LOL

  3. Really? Haha!

    Also, I sent your website to some ppl I’m training some time ago. Today, he said to me that your diet is pretty cool and he’s feeling some changes! Well, another one chasing the top!

    • There you go man! Your the best I love how your spreading the lifestyle. Your 100% an example of someone Chasing The Top of their true potential in fitness and in life! I can’t thank you enough

  4. Thanks a lot! Chasing the Top forever and ever 😀 Everyone should know and adopt this lifestyle! And count me in, I’ll do my best for spreading it!

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