10 comments on “Sunday Reload

  1. Awesome man get it! I love the way you list out goals, I may have to think about that. I hear you on getting too small, that’s why I started a bulk again. I felt like I was wasting away when I got down to 175 and then I remeasured my biceps and they had gotten smaller. That is NOT okay, so the bulk began! haha Trying to do it lean too that’s why I’m trying out this keto bulk thing, not sure how well it will go but it’s fun to experiment! Either way, even if you do gain plenty of fat with your bulk, you know you can lose it in no time so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    • I honestly feel like you are quoting me haha! I said to my brother legit yesterday “I feel like I am wasting away with this cut” I can’t stand it haha. I mean I definitely feel more diced up with the fat loss but now I NEED to put some weight(hopefully all muscle) back on. Plus bulking is much more fun mentally haha. Can’t wait so excited to start hulking out again πŸ™‚ how is keto bulking going by the way. how long have you been on that program?

      • If you want my opinion (you’ll get it whether you do or not haha) I wouldn’t worry too much about gaining fat in the process. Not to say go nuts and eat anything and everything in site. Still eat clean and monitor closely, but if you worry too much about gaining fat you’ll probably have a hard time getting enough calories and macros to really gain much muscle and stand pat. You will gain some fat, there is pretty much no way around it, it’s just a matter of how fast you want to get where you want to be. As lean as you are gaining a little bit of fat isn’t going to hurt you much. But if you gain half fat half muscle (pretty standard stuff for a lean bulk) you can bulk up to 180 and then cut that 5 lbs down in no time to get to your shredded 175 you want. Just my 2 cents anyway, you do what you think is best for you!

        Keto bulk is too early to tell, it’s only been 2 weeks so I’m really only getting into deep ketosis now. I feel good, but it’s going to take some time to see what happens! I do get to introduce a cheat meal of one carb source per week later this week! Woohoo! LOL

      • Your 100% right and I really appreciate your honest insight. I dealt with that just yesterday as I went over my FORMER calorie intake amount to my now present one, I was just battling mentally with the idea of putting on some fat. This whole thing is just nutty the amount of stress we put ourselves into with something as simple as a 200 calorie surplus lol. Your right though adding weight will be mostly muscle but some fat, that’s just human nature.

        But on the bright side…enjoy that cheat meal! That should be exciting.With keto, isn’t the cheat meal like an all night carb cram session? I thought I read something like that somewhere

      • In theory yes, but I can’t get myself to do it. It will just be a good old fashioned healthy complex carb. Same thing when I did backloading, most people say to eat simple carbs for your carb but I stuck to quinoa and stuff.

        BTW – I think you’ll probably find you’ll need more than a 200 calorie surplus, but see how it goes. As hard as you work, any fat you do put on will be shredded off in no time!

      • I think I’m gonna try 200 for the first week then 250-300 second week etc etc to see how it works. I’m super excited haha.

        Get after a nice pizza or something man! Whole wheat pizza meets complexity carb lol

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