9 comments on “Don’t Play With Your Food!

  1. JS I understand what an accomplishment it is to stick to the diet for this long so you don’t have to apologize for posting your food. This is your journal, we’re just readers, write what you want.

    I had the same problem, I used to eat chicken and broccoli so much during the week and go bat crazy by Saturday. So I had to improvise and I started cooking more variety. I may not be as lean as I want to be, but I’m leaner than I was after my binge eating developed and now I don’t watch my macros as much. I do think it’s a happier way for me to live though. But if you’re going for competition, I’ll pray for you to stay sane through your cutting phase 🙂

    Have you tried genmaicha? or also known as brown rice green tea.

    • I have never tried genmaicha but I will definitely look into it! And your totally right with the clean week binge weekend cycle. I for certain need to start adding variety in my foods to avoid this weekend conundrum

  2. Wow..you REALLY got creative! lol. Keep up the great work! You just gave me a great idea too..just have to try that musclet. It might even be pretty good with almond butter…maybe.. 🙂

  3. I admire your ability to hang in there. I’m not sure how you do it, but so glad you came up with your interesting new culinary creation. How do you feel about tuna pouches? I know they aren’t fresh, but they’re pretty affordable…

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