3 comments on “Tough Mudder Tuesday

  1. I’m with you on the sleep…but I NEVER get enough..EVER! I go to bed too late every night and can’t sleep in. Oh well. I’m used to it, but one day I would like to get more sleep. You know what they say…you can sleep when you’re dead! Happy Tuesday!

  2. True that about sleeping. College buddies have now dubbed me “grandma”. I don’t care because my skin and body are in better shape than those early college days (fitness introduced later). What do you do for cardio?

    • For Cardio I really vary it up. Most days I will do sprints. Like 10 50m sprints, walk back, then sprint again. This is quick and effective. Other days I will just hit the pavement for a nice distance jog. This last normally anywhere from 3-5 miles

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