6 comments on “EHH

  1. A good way to get around this and to allow yourself to cheat that one day is to reduce your calories for the week or two leading up to the feast. I had to do this when I was competing and it worked. It allowed me to enjoy whatever event I had to go to. Depending on your goals, I wouldn’t do this too much. Also, try not to go overboard, don’t eat everything in sight. You still have to limit yourself. Good luck!

  2. That meal looks delicious. I’m from the MidWest and will be going back soon. They know how to eat there. From my experience so far is I time a hearty eat-clean meal with water prior to the event. By the time the temptations are present, how much you consume has its limits (overeat=uncomfortable). If there’s still room in my gut (or after I burp-fiber does that), I’d get protein and veggies first. Then head to dessert section and get the smallest serving plate available and get some dessert (chocolate desserts are my weakness).

    1.) Are you hungry?
    2.) Avoid the food area.
    3.) Who can I talk to? Catch up with People you haven’t in a while.Know your weakness and make it your last stop.
    4.) Anyone need help in places besides the kitchen?
    5.) Know your weakness (food group/meal) and make it your last stop.
    6.) Be conscious of the time. If it’s 2 or 3 hours before bedtime, forget about it. After all, in the morning after your workout is the best time to “pig out”. However, that could nullify your workout depending on if you “lose your head”. Suggestion: left-over protein in eggs with veggies.
    7.) Once you decide to “cheat”, measure, measure, measure. You don’t want to nullify past and recent workouts.
    8.) Good luck and keep us posted.

    • Wow this is AWESOME advice! I love these steps and they certainly do hit the nail on the head. I think I am going to copy these steps onto a word document and print them out. Thanks so much!

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