5 comments on “GET LOW!

  1. I do an oatmeal pa cake that I love. Really should get back to making it more regularly ( half cup oatmeal, half cup oatmeal, scoop protein powder, but of honey for sweetness, dash of cinnamon – mix and dump into frying pan.). It’s good and really filling. Jot sure it fits with your diet restrictions but give it a try if it does. So good. (A handful of chocolate chips puts it over the top!)

    I did my first Fran workout today. 15lb training bar with no weight and a thick blue band to do my pull ups. Made me feel pretty weak. But i did it! 7:01.

    I can hardly move my arms now! Love it!

    • That seems extremely simple and I’m sure I could swing it with the honey. I definitely thank you for posting this πŸ™‚ I may actually try this after my workout today!

      And awesome job on Fran! Regardless of how the tools were to start the routine, at least you did it. Now you have a starting point and know what you have to do to grow and outperform yourself the next time. Before you know it, you’ll be cranking it out with 65LB and no band in under 2!


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