5 comments on “Sunday Morning :)

    • Haha calves calves calves. I’ve basically just been hitting them with super heavy weight one day and bodyweight the next day. I’ve been hitting them with one set: toes facing eachother. One set toes straight. And one set toes out. Maybe it is just mental but I feel like they are getting bigger haha

      • So you are basically working them every day now? Seems like that’s about what you have to do! I’ve been doing a similar approach to you but “only” 2 or 3 days a week.

      • Yeah i read an article on calves that included abs and it read that abs and calves are so use to constant tension and work that they need to be legit bashed in order to grow. They need to be like so overloaded to really spark the growth. I just started doing this but I’m feeling with both the abs and calves everyday

      • I like to keep abs to once per week because I feel I work them so hard with other big lifts like deads and squats and stuff. Though I have way better success with abs than calves so I suppose it would make sense to work harder on calves!

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