6 comments on “Deloadin’ = Reloadin’

  1. Deload, when am I going to get on this train? All I hear from everyone is how important it is but I can’t get myself to do it. I just want to lift heavy! LOL

    • haha Dude I hear ya. I use to be the exact same way until I tried this method. It’s weird but it legit works. You take a break from heavy weights, lighten up the load and up the reps and your muscles are just zapped. I love the feeling and the pump LOL. Then I will slowly tinker down the reps while increasing the weight and by the time you get back to like reps of 3-5 that old “heavy weight” seems like nothing. It’s sick! Definitely something to consider 🙂

      • I’m going to have to, everyone who I consider a credible source says to do it! So how often do you deload, every 4th or 5th week? On all exercises for a week right? How light, like 15 rep range?

      • Good looks man good looks! The Chasing the Top Plan of attack goes as followed. I deload every 4th week. The deload focuses mainly on the 4 compound lifts (Deads, Bench, Squat, OH Press). What I will do is take anywhere from 60%-75% and rep that around 12-15 reps. In regards to isolated lifts, I will esscentially perform the same actions, a weight that I will burn/fail around 12-15 reps. I find this great for a few reasons. 1, it draws a great amount of fresh blood into the muscle fibers. When lifting heavy, your putting a tremendous amount of stress, pressure, and tear-age on the fibers. By upping the reps, you allow fresh blood to come in and flush out the toxic waste that since builds on the muscle. This helps with repair ofcourse. Also, when training with heavy weight low reps, you focus more on muscular strength where muscles become stronger, but not so much as bigger/defined. By lowering the weights, upping the reps, you begin to work for muscular power where you become better endured and more defined. Also, simple put, it mixes it up and keeps the body guessing which is probably the best factor of all.

        I love cycling from the high reps and tinkering down in the rep range week by week to give my body the entire spectrum of lifting for muscular power to muscular strength. I feel that this has helped me build endurance and strength 🙂

        Taking from this whatever you so choose, the only thing I recommend amongst all else is to ease back into the heavy weights. IF you do take a cycle off, I wouldn’t take one week light and then immediately smash back into your 1MR. I would take a few days to kind of “warm up” to the heavy weights BEFORE smashing your PR HARDCORE!

        I hope this helped! Let me know what you choose and how things go #Shredcity

      • Great info man thanks! I guess now that I think about it I haven’t been going very heavy since starting my cut anyway so it may not make much sense. I vary a lot but it’s rare I do less than 6 reps right now. Just keeping it moving right now!

        You da man!

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