4 comments on “Wednesday Grind

  1. Hm.. i need tips!
    My body type is very athletic and I get muscle/results in about a week if I workout. Last time I worked out was with my trainer, before christmas (had been working out 2-3 months straight prior to the holidays). I also try to eat healthy but it usually ends up as me starving myself through the week, eating moderately heathly and very little, then binging on the weekends.
    I would like to begin working out again and really building muscle and becoming lean. My brother works out a bunch and uses whey protein powder (with raw egg), eats healthy, etc, etc. I am naturally muscular but i don’t want to go too far overboard. I usually do alot of cardio and core workouts but I plan on incorporating weights as well for faster results.

    I am going to overseas in May to play softball in Sweden and i want to be in tip top shape like my college days.

    What are some ways to enjoy my workouts and eat healthier?

    • Well some ways to enjoy your workout would be to find things you enjoy doing first off. If you find a routine you like, your going to have no problem continuously coming back to it. If you have a routine you dislike, your going to have a much tougher time sticking to it. So first I would lay out some things you like doing, whether it be circuit training, powerlifting, crossfit, endurance training, running, etc. What makes you happy when you exercise? That’s the first step. Second step would be to evolve a workout routine around that “like” and growing with that.

      In terms of eating healthier, the same concepts apply. Find foods you like and make them healthier. So for example, if you love peanut butter, try switching to All-Natural Peanut butter, or almond butter. This way, you don’t lose out on the foods you love, you only make them better. If you love cereal, try switching from a sugary loaded cereal to a more whole wheat based cereal. Also try to incorporate more vegetables and lean proteins. With the better your diet becomes, the better your overall body composition will develop and this will keep you “hungry” to continue to eat clean.

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