8 comments on “Chest Tuesday Brah??

  1. I hear ya when it comes to the bench press and not having a spotter to help you push a little more. I don’t push really heavy weights but sometimes I would like to go a bit heavier and feel ok to do so cause you have ‘backup’.

  2. Your work outs a stellar. I need to start slinging “heavy” weights again. I will brag a little though and say that the last time I did chest (pre Christmas, woops) I managed to do 50lbs for a barbell chest press. So if you are wondering YES I had a 50lb weight in each hand. I felt felt pretty bad ass. I am sure it would do my body wonders if I stuck to a routine like you do for lifting. My arms are the bain of my existence. Good thing its winter!

    • Haha nice work on the 50s! Always must give credit where credit is due! Yeah I mean throw some heavy weight days back onto the week here and there and really get a wide array of exercising benefits. At the gym I go to we all use the 5/3/1 program, all meaning men, women, older aged individuals, and the kids and teens that train there. Seems to work pretty well so maybe you could throw 5/3/1 into your arsenal! You could even perform the 5/3/1 before say a crossfit workout or whatever type workout you desired for that day. 5/3/1 normally only takes like 5-10 minutes.

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