8 comments on “Baby Got Back!!

    • I mostly do chin ups and pull ups as well. I truthfully like them much more and love the burn I receive from them. The reason I added them to my routine is one: for muscle confusion and two: the owner of my gym just got Crossfit certified and he has been beastin out Kips since then so I got to step up my game!

      To anwser your question now LOL… I am doing pretty good on them. Its really about getting the rythme down. It’s not so much strength but more about momentum. Like anything, its gonna take time and practice 🙂

  1. Damn dude you really get after it with intensity! Bicep peak is looking huge! Can’t wait to start leaning out with you in a week. 🙂

    • Haha thanks man I appreciate the compliments! Yeah I’m actually entering a contest held within my gym amongst all the competitors that begins on Jan. 7th. We have to list out goals and whoever achieves the most wins. My goals stand as such: Bench 315, Squat 405, Deadlift 405 and shred down to 6%-8% Body fat. This is over the course of 24 weeks so I’m definitely going to have my hands full. Hello HIIT cardio and low reps! Let the Leaning begin WE GOT THIS!

      • Hey sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier! I must sound so contradicting because I feel like recently I told you I was going to add alot of volume to my routine lol.

        Yeah right now I think I’m right around 10-11% 🙂 So 6%-8% isn’t too far off. And To stack up the weights on the compound lifts I’m going to stick to 5/3/1 then follow those lifts with high volume isolated lifts to kinda of give me that “Full” look. Add HIIT cardio and work down the diets ofcourse. We will definetly see how it goes. I’m pretty excited.

        Hope this all wassnt confusing I was sorta ranting haha

      • Not a problem!

        This stuff is forever changing, as long as you are working hard it’s all good right? From what I hear those last few percent when trying to get below 10% is extremely difficult. Gotta really trick that body with your diet!

        Good luck!

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