8 comments on “Deadlifting POWER!

  1. Deadlifts are my absolute favorite! I will be doing mine on Sunday and can’t wait! I’ve gotten away from super heavy for a while. After I pulled my 405 I decided to give one rep maxes a break for a while. Though you haven’t lived until you get into one of those gut popping super tough deadlifts!

    • Yeah absolutely man I hear you 100%. Nothing better then just gripping and ripping the weight off the floor. My goal is 405 deadlift, 405 squat, and 315 bench. Lotta heavy weight ahead of me LOL. 🙂

      • Man seeing your body I’m surprised you aren’t there already! You’ll get it for sure. Kinda funny, my maxes are 405 deadlift and 315 bench! LOL Never maxed on squat but I’d have to guess close to 500.

      • Your on that level man I need to get there!! I hope I get there soon I know with 5/3/1 it takes time but I’ll happen! I’ll be so pumped when I finally do nail those benchmarks. Rewarding for sure. I just got to make sure I’m not lifting with an ego and purely for strength

      • For sure man you’ll get there! Funny how strength and size don’t necessarily go hand in hand. You definitely have more of the bodybuilder physique than you do a powerlifter. Which to me is more important. But it’s fun to go for big numbers from time to time. 5/3/1 is which got me there for strength!

      • Yeah bodybuilder more physique looking athlete is what I’m going for 🙂 and yeah 5/3/1 is certainly effective with heavy numbers just takes time time and more time LOL. I think I’m going to start switching to high volume pretty soon though with the start of the summer shredd nearing

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