7 comments on “On That Grind

  1. Supposedly you aren’t suppose to have a ton of energy if you don’t eat first but I find I have my best workouts on the weekend when I wake up, do like you did and take a scoop of protein and hit the weights. Maybe it’s because I’m better rested then on weekdays but I don’t know, I love it!

    • Yeah I did it all last semester when I hit the gym at 530 AM and I still do it Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5 AM when I do a fitness bootcamp. I find I have no problem and think very clearly LOL. I think people focus too much on the science of it rather then just training hard. 20 years ago when there was no study on it I’m sure plenty of people performed it and built plenty of muscle. Its all in your head in my opinion 🙂

      • Yeah I think you are onto something! I think bottom line if you work your tail off and eat right you WILL get results!

      • Absolutely! Haha now we just have to rely that message to every one who is more concern about the sciene rather then the work LOL. I feel that people fall into the same train of thought with overtraining. Don’t even get me going on that topic HA

      • Haha I posted once that if there was one thing I was definitely bad at in this fitness world it was rest. Someone responded and said rest days are just something that lazy people who don’t want to do the work made up to give themselves an excuse! Loved it!

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