4 comments on “Goodmorning!

  1. Do you find them a bit expensive for what they are? Sometimes I feel a bit ripped off when I buy any kind of supplement to help my workout…I like the sound of a chocolate brownie with only 6 grams of fat though! Even if it is technically a protein bar 😛

    • I mean ya it was a bit expensive for just a bar at $2.19 but I was out of my house and pretty hungry and that was conviently at a store so I figured I’d grab that over a bag of chips or something. Plus chocolate brownie made me feel like I was cheating lol

      • It’s definitely a healthier option 🙂 I just think it’s so unfair that I can get an actual chocolate brownie from the gym cafe for only 80p (about $1.29) but a protein bar costs me at least £2.00 (about $3.23). Is it just me, or do you get the feeling somebody doesn’t want us to buy the healthy option? 😛

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