Chasing The Top

Thank you for stopping by and WELCOME to! Feel free to check out my fitness blog where I share workouts, meals, and supplement advice. Also take a look at my clothing line and my unique personal training services! Enjoy!

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What is Chasing The Top?

Chasing The Top is a movement. Chasing The Top is an internal drive that motivates you and keeps you hungry, wanting more then what you currently have. Never settled, never satisfied. Through belief in yourself and positivity, anything is possible. There is always room for improvement. CTT preaches these motto’s through their lifestyle, attitude and all of their clothing. We refuse to be complacent and emphasize on progression. Living the Chasing The Top lifestyle is for individuals who demand the best out of themselves. No shortcuts, no excuses, just a pure passion and pride in the ethics of hard work. We live this. Have you reached your full potential? Have you maxed yourself out? If so, then CTT isn’t for you. But for those of you who know there is always room for improvement, that potential is limitless, and that every day is another chance for progress, than you know what it means to be Chasing The Top!

Join the movement. Live The Lifestyle


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